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Jul 14, 2015

Last night at our local open mic there was some drama, Apples and I want to clear the air.  Hugs to all you guys!  


Jul 8, 2015

Derek Humphrey is a comedian based in Brooklyn, New York.  He has a monthly show every 3rd Tuesday at QED where he hosts Headliner's Ball.  You can see him doing performing all over New York and on tour this fall.  Follow him on Twitter @derek_humphrey



May 20, 2015

Subscribe to my podcast! Dusty Slay is a nationally touring comedian currently based out Nashville, Tennessee.  In addition to being a full time nationally touring comic, he has worked with the likes of John Reep, Moshe Kasher, and Josh Blue among many others.  

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Joseph Coker is the other guy talking.  You can follow him on Twitter @JosephCoker



May 1, 2015

Neil Bansil and I got stuck in traffic on the way to see Kevin Hart, so we decided to pass the time with a little podcasting.  Neil is a comedian and the producer of the Most Races Show on Earth that brings headlining comedians to Charleston, SC on a monthly basis.  SUBSCRIBE GOD DAMMIT 


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Apr 19, 2015

SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE Mannie Schumpert is a former Christian musician turned web developer.  We talk about being non-religious in the south, the process of transitioning into a dream job, music, etc.. this is a fun one!

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Apr 12, 2015

SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST FOR FREE Greg Shore is a running coach, church guy, and community volunteer based in Charleston, South Carolina.  Learn more about his coaching at or follow him @gregontherun on Twitter!


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Apr 9, 2015


SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST  Some of the funniest comedians in Charleston and Michael Clayton gather for the roast to end all roast (part 2).  This is episode is where the roast ends, just like the porch is where Michael Clayton's jogs end after he steps outside.  We love you buddy :)


Peter Schwartz 0:05

Moey Conway 7:00

Michael's Mom!!! 17:30

Stan Shelby 26:40

Joseph Coker (thats me bitches) 35:40

Hagan Chase Ragland 44:25

Taylor Rizzo 58:10

Ryan Firster 1:09:10

Bill Davis 1:18:00

Jeremy McLellan 1:25:55

Michael fucking Clayton himself!!! 1:34:45

Apr 9, 2015

SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST Some of the best comedians in Charleston and Michael Clayton gather for the roast to end all roasts.  This episode is spread over two episodes, much like Michael Clayton spreads himself over two bus seats.  We love you Michael :)

Vince Fabra- roast master

Mike Brocki 6:40

Rossi Brown 17:00

Lain Healey 25:05

Deshawn Mason 35:10


part 2 in the next episode!

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Apr 4, 2015

SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE IN iTUNES HERE I was a guest on my buddy Eric Ellison's show War of the Words!  Eric normally covers the regional MMA scene but conversations end up ranging all over the map, especially on Cerebral Sundays.  In this interview, we talked about religion, comedy and music, and the grind.  Our conversation ended abruptly because we went over time, but we plan on doing a part 2 on my show.  

Listen to Eric's podcast for free!

Mar 29, 2015

SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW Maari Suorsa and Henry Riggs are two comedians currently based out of Charleston and the creative forces behind their two person show Nameless Numberhead.  With backgrounds in a host of different comedic styles, they are excited about mixing it up and entertaining people.  

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@MaariSuorsa    @crazydailygravy


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Mar 23, 2015

SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST HERE Regina Ferguson is a singer/songwriter currently based in Charleston, SC.  She has toured and performed internationally and her singing has an effortless tone comparable to greats like Bonnie Raitt.  She is slated to perform in Charleston, SC at Yoga Pop this week.  Learn more about Regina on Facebook


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Mar 18, 2015


Tyler Boone is a singer/songwriter based in Charleston, SC.  His has performed on television, opened for acts such as the Avett Brothers, and his music has been featured on national radio stations.  Learn more: and follow him on Twitter @TylerBooner


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Mar 17, 2015

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Two bands, one podcast, two mics....that explains some of the sound issues (my bad everybody!  We did our best sharing).  

Mylo Ranger and Cult Love are two Florida based musical outfits.  They both have new albums out that you can should fall in love with if you aren't a psychopath.  

Find out more about Mylo Ranger

Find out more about Cult Love


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Mar 16, 2015

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Mike Brocki is a comedian and winner of the Carolina's Funniest Comic Competition as well as a finalist in the Charleston Stand Up Comedy Competition.  Follow him on Twitter, if you do, he said he would blow me.  So do it and tell him you did it because of me.  Mike Brocki on Twitter 


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Mar 1, 2015


Kelly Rae Smith is the Music Editor for the City Paper.  She is constantly seeking out and interacting with the most exciting musical acts coming in and out of Charleston.  When she isn't writing for the paper, she is running her online vintage clothing shop. Run Around Sue 

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Joseph Coker is a musician and rookie comedian that talks too much.  You likey?  

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Feb 10, 2015

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Michael Clayton is a comic based in Charleston, SC.  His charmingly irreverent and honest comedy style continues to get him laughs and fans at local and out of town shows.  He is moving to NYC soon to take on comedy full time, but you can see him regularly in Charleston Tuesdays downtown at Joe Pasta.  

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Feb 8, 2015


Hunter Gardner is a life-long writer, a company member at Theatre 99 in Charleston, and the co-star of the web series Sheppic Fail.  His debut novel SCHOOL was published by Biting Duck Press last year.  Follow him on twitter @Hunngardnah or follow him on line at


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Feb 5, 2015


Jerry Farber is an Atlanta comedy legend.  At 73 years old, he is still a touring comedian and musician.  His club, Jerry Farber's Sidedoor, is regularly sold out for regional and nationally touring comedians.  With a life time of experience, he puts much of his energy into developing young talent.  Find out more about Jerry HERE like him on FACEBOOK

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Feb 3, 2015


Carolyn Adams is an author and stand up comedian.  Her new book, Ruthless is currently being published by Simon & Schuster and set for release this year.  When she is not writing books, she is performing stand up or working on screen plays.  Follow her on Twitter HERE


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Jan 30, 2015

Jenna McSwain is a pro musician based in New Orleans.  She joins me on the podcast after her sold out performance at the Charleston International Jazz Festival.  When she is not occupied playing in New Orleans or touring the south, she is busy recording a new studio album with her side project, Bionica.  Bionica blends, jazz, modern music, sci fi, and heavier themes to produce a more forward leaning and conscious sound.  Find Jenna McSwain on Social Media!

TWITTER       FACEBOOK        TWITTER (for Bionica)



Matthew Martinez is an actor currently based in New Orleans.  He has most recently landed roles in Joe Dirt 2 among other major motion pictures.  He stays busy in the New Orleans creative community acting in shorts, independent films, and theatrical productions.  Search for him on Instagram here:



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Jan 21, 2015

Holy City Sinner is an annonymous blogger based in Charleston, SC.  He covers anything and everything in the 843, and his blog and twitter are two of the most popular online event sources for Charleston.  His blog was named best of by the City Paper 2 years in a row.  Follow him on Twitter at@HolyCitySinner

or read his blog HERE


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Jan 20, 2015

Thomas Glenn is the founder of The Yoga House of Charleston.  He has worked as a business consultant with IBM for a decade and has brought his passion and business savvy together to help foster the yoga community in Charleston, SC.  He's also probably one of my top three favorite people to run into in Charleston, check out his facebook!


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Jan 19, 2015

Lily Slay @slay_thebeast is an underground musical icon in Charleston, SC.  Her flagrant disregard for normal has earned attention, fans, and respect wherever she goes.  She divides her time between various musical projects like Royal Tinfoil and doing stand up comedy on her own terms.  

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Jan 14, 2015

Jeremy McLellan @JeremyMcLellan  and Ryan Firster @rlfirster

are Charleston based Stand up comedians who will be performing this week at the Charleston Underwear Comedy Party put on by Joe Pettis.  Listen in as we talk shop, and by shop, I mean make fun of everything and each other.  

The Underwear Comedy Party is going down this Thursday at the Black Sheep Bar and Grill in Mt. Pleasant.  It's probably going to sell out, check out the festival page and buy your tickets!


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Jan 13, 2015

Neil Bansil is a Canadian comedian that has relocated to Charleston, SC.  He is the producer of the internationally known MRSOE (Most Races Show On Earth) which is coming to Charleston Saturday, January 17th at 10 p.m. at Wolfe Street Playhouse (read a fuller description below).  


You can find out more about Neil and the show on 

Twitter @MRSOE

also, Neil sells houses in Charleston, google him!


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