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Mar 13, 2017

@vincefabra is one of the funniest and most likable dudes in the Charleston Comedy scene.  His new podcast You Almost Had It is now on iTunes and covers he and his co-host Luke Smitherman take on new hobbies like sewing, stand up comedy, and more.  

Check out Vince's podcast You Almost Had It for free in iTunes


Joseph Coker is a comic and podcaster based out of Charleston, SC.  




Feb 28, 2017

 @WZackKennedy is one of the funniest comics in the state and has toured all over the south east.  He was in Charleston for a show we did together and we managed to squeeze a podcast in while driving around in my car.  Follow Zack on Twitter!



Joseph Coker is a comic and musician based in Charleston, SC.


a note from Joseph: Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the City Paper's Best Of for my podcast and comedy.  Love all of you. If you want to do me a solid, follow me on instagram!


Feb 22, 2017

This interview is brought to you by and part of The Charleston City Paper's Unlikely Encounters.  Special thanks to Kelly Rae Smith for helping make this happen.


Thom Gimbel is a multi-instrumentalist and has toured with the likes of Aerosmith and currently with Foreigner.  We talk about growing up playing the flute, what its like playing in iconic bands, and debate who is the sexiest member of Foreigner's current roster. For tickets to Foreigner's Charleston performance, click here


A note from Joseph:

I have a lot of friends who listen to this show and I'm so grateful for all the love I get from you guys.  If you could do me a favor, vote for me in the City Paper's Best Of.  I'm nominated for best local podcast and best local comedian.  Voting is easy and doesn't require sign up or purchase or any other bullshit.  Thanks and hugs.  


Jan 24, 2017

John Barnhardt is an Emmy award winning videographer.  He just returned from his 15th trip to Africa working on two separate documentaries.  We talk about art, religion, and his taco addiction.  Check out more of John's work here


Joseph Coker is a comedian based in Charleston, SC.  

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Jan 17, 2017

Justin Osborne is a Charleston based singer/songwriter and the frontman of his band Susto, which is the arguably the most influential band in Charleston now and one the most widely followed in the Southeast.  Justin and I talk about our Jesus youths, acid, the myth of overnight success, and songwriting.  Susto's second album "& I'm Fine Today" is out on iTunes



Joseph Coker is a comic and musician based in Charleston, SC



Jan 10, 2017

Ida Nielsen is a Danish bassist that has conquered the world with her instrument.  The former bass player for Prince, she has had a fascinating journey from her humble beginning with the instrument at 16 to the biggest stages in the world.  We talk about her journey as a musician, Danish culture in relation to music, coffee, Prince, and her latest release Turnitup (available in iTunes, Spotify etc..)



Joseph Coker is a comic, podcaster and musician based in Charleston, South Carolina.




Dec 24, 2016

David Rowe is the author of The Proverbs Of Middle Earth a unique look at the proverbs found in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.  David and I talked about everything from his start in writing while living in Scotland to comedy and everything inbetween.  

Check out his book on Amazon!


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Nov 22, 2016

Vince Fabra hit me up about interviewing me for my recent music EP and I was relieved that I get to blab about myself and this project.  But seriously, if you ever wanted to hear my thoughts on being an artist, hustling, relationships or more.  

Check out my EP After The Volcano (available everywhere music is sold)

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Vince Fabra is one of the funniest comics in town as well as a traveling speaker.  He recently won the semi finals in the Charleston Stand Up Competiton and will be competing in the finals December 3rd. Get tickets for that here

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Nov 8, 2016

Brandon Scott Wolf is a Brooklyn based comic who has the likes of Saturday Night Live and was a staff writer for NBC's Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris.  We talk about the gift and the hustle of being an artist and his journey with both.  


ALSO!  Brandon is going to be performing in Charleston this week as part of the Dank Stop comedy tour with one of my other favorites, Derek Humphrey and many other funny people.  I will be hosting this show and its going to kick ass. GET TICKETS HERE


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about Joseph Coker: I'm a comic and musician based in Charleston, SC.  I just released my first music EP in five years.  Take a listen and show it some love

Nov 6, 2016

A note from Joseph:  Any fan of my podcast or comedy knows that I come from a very religious background.  Part of that was experiences with people teaching and conducting reparative therapy a.k.a "pray the gay away" type ministry.  

Michael Bussee: The largest "ex-gay" ministry in the states at one time was called Exodus International and was founded by Michael Bussee as a way to minister to Christians struggling with same sex attraction.  After many years of internal struggle, he came out to his family, married the love of his life Gary, and quit the ministry.  Now he runs support groups for the LGBT community effectively repairing the damage experienced by people in reparative therapy.  


For more information on Michael Busee or to reach out and join a support group, find him on Facebook


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Oct 25, 2016

Personal note from Joseph:

when I first started this, it was a music podcast and it kind of sucked.  I started interviewing people because it was less self indulgent and more fun.  Over the inerviews, I've met musicians, comedians, cage fighters, ex girlfriends, my mom, all kinds of artists and weirdos and hustlers.  I've always been attracted to people's stories and a fan of pulling the best out of people.  When I first started, I told myself I wouldn't judge the value of this until I hit 100.  Now that I'm here, I can say its one of the better decisions I have stuck to in the last 4 years.  Thank you to everyone who has played a role in this.  I hope to keep growing this more and more.  

Enough mushy shit, if you haven't subscribed in iTunes, you're an asshole.  Get on it.



Episode 100 Live from Jailbreak

I got to record my 100th episode live and at the Charleston Arts Festival finale a.k.a. Jailbreak joined by 3 of my favorite comedians. Shawna Jarrett, Hagan Chase Ragland, and Jon Antoine .  This is my first live podcast and it was an interesting experience, but as always, it just turned into us talking shit and making fun of each other.  Enjoy!


Oct 8, 2016

So excited about this episode!  My whole life, I've had an inexplicable fascination and nostalgia for abandoned buildings but never been brave enough to explore them.  With his project Abandoned America, Matthew Christopher has done just that on a grand and beautiful scale.  He has documented the ruins of America through abadoned properties.  Factories, asylums, theaters, he is fearless in his pursuit of a new look at an old thing.  This isn't ghost hunting, and it isn't blight porn, this is a story told through forgotten spaces.  

Matthew's new book, "Abandoned America, Dismantling The Dream" is a his second work of photography.  Learn more about it here:


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Sep 19, 2016

Charleston based creative Hunter Gardner and I both came to comedy from intense religious backgrounds.  His one man show "Drinking With Jesus" is a snap shot of a moment in time when he moved to Charleston to try and convert a friend to Christianity.  We recorded this live in Kudu.  


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Sep 12, 2016

Michael Clayton is one of my favorite comic friends and Derek Humphrey is his, so vicariously Derek is now my best friend too.  Besides having all that going for him, Derek is one of the up and coming voices in the highly competitive and fascinating world of stand up comedy in New York.  We talked about everything in this episode, an absolute marathon of a podcast that we recored live from a roof top bar in Brooklyn.  


Get more of Derek Humphrey

Get more of Michael Clayton


Sep 12, 2016

Michael Clayton is one of my favorite comic friends and Derek Humphrey is his, so vicariously Derek is now my best friend too.  Besides having all that going for him, Derek is one of the up and coming voices in the highly competitive and fascinating world of stand up comedy in New York.  We talked about everything in this episode, an absolute marathon of a podcast that we recored live from a roof top bar in Brooklyn.  


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Aug 13, 2016

Michael Clayton is moving to New York to do stand up, and I'm gonna miss him.  He is one of favorite people to watch perform because he is always being himself and always swinging for the fences comedically.  We talk about mental health, being funny, and what Michael is afraid of.  Good luck bud, see you up there soon.  


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Aug 9, 2016

This is probably one of the more business minded/get your sh*$ together podcasts I've done in a while and it was a total blast!

 Isaac Morehouse is the founder and CEO of Praxis, a company that provides intensive internships at start ups for young people looking for something different than college.  After hearing my buddy and comedy all star Jeremy McLellan quote him ad nauseam, I decided to see what all the fuss was about.  Now I plan on quoting him ad nauseam.  :) 

Check out Ian's podcast

Check out Praxis


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Jul 11, 2016

This is one of the funniest podcasts I've done in a while.  I opened for these guys on their tour stop in Charleston and I laughed from start to finish.  We talk about comedy, lesbianism, and addiction.  

Ethan Moore is a stand up comic and radio personality based out of Florida.  He has opened up for the likes of Hannibal Buress and is one of the hosts of the Sex on Kava podcast.  


Dr. Anna Lepeley PhD, Nutrition & Exercise Educator. Author of 'Stop It: 18 habits that hinder your libido and make you fat' (buy it on Amazon) and is currently on tour together with Ethan as the other half of Butch and Femme.  


Joseph Coker is the host is a comic based out of Charleston, SC and the host of the Joseph Coker Podcast.  He has opened for the headwriter of Tosh.0 and is currently producing a mixtape together with Shawna Jarrett featuring the best comedians in Charleston. If you want to support this podcast financially, get more info here.  


Jun 13, 2016

Melissa Moore is the executive director of We Are Family, a Charleston based charity that connects with and empowers LGBT youth through their ongoing programs and services.  We drink strong coffee, talk about what its like for kids growing up LGBT in the south, and Melissa shares about the much needed facility she is working on bringing to North Charleston in the future.  I've meant to have Melissa on for a while now, and it was strange chance that we finally got around to it yesterday.  







Jun 6, 2016

Fauxcountry News is a Charleston focused satirical news site that has exploded in popularity lately.  I finally got to sit down with the anonymous man behind these fake headlines and talk about how the idea for this got started, comedy, and our city.  Thanks so much Fauxcountry News!  Keep them coming!  


This stuff is for real funny, check out their Facebook.


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Jun 1, 2016

This was a fun interview I did on Mother's Day with my biggest fan, my mama Billie Bradfield.  Its interesting to have an adult conversation with one's parent.  We talk about her upbringing in the middle of nowhere Alabama, meeting my dad, the loss of my siblings, and what has inspires her.  I had so much fun with this.  :)




May 7, 2016

We get some great touring comics in Charleston, many from the shows that Neil Bansil puts on with his show MRSOE.  Rob Haze is one of my favorites.  His comedy is silly and natural and hilarious.  I was so happy to catch a glimpse of what its like just screwing around with these guys.  


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May 6, 2016

The Hawaiian shirt prince of downtown, the homiest of homey's my good buddy and local comedian Hagan Chase Ragland finally hops back on the podcast.  Hilarity ensues.  Find him on Facebook and be his friend.  


Apr 28, 2016

Deshawn Mason (finally) stops by to hang out and talk about doing stand up comedy at kids birthday parties, improv, and our mutual love of magic tricks.  

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Apr 26, 2016

Last week, a lovable personality was taken from our community here in Charleston.  I never knew him personally, but the loss of Eric Brantley has left a bruise on the hearts of so many people I love.  Eric was many things, but music was one of his passions.  In his honor, I am posting an EP he put out back in 2004 with his band Telegram in its entirety

1. Total Electricity 2. Cold War Lamp 3. Magic 4. Halo 5. Three With One Match

.  If you haven't already, please consider donating to his memorial fund to cover burial costs and to support his family.  

Donate to the Eric Brantley fund here


If you have any information about the two suspects in this crime, please contact the authorities.  Lets close this chapter friends.  



Love to all of you

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