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Feb 5, 2015


Jerry Farber is an Atlanta comedy legend.  At 73 years old, he is still a touring comedian and musician.  His club, Jerry Farber's Sidedoor, is regularly sold out for regional and nationally touring comedians.  With a life time of experience, he puts much of his energy into developing young talent.  Find out more about Jerry HERE like him on FACEBOOK

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Feb 3, 2015


Carolyn Adams is an author and stand up comedian.  Her new book, Ruthless is currently being published by Simon & Schuster and set for release this year.  When she is not writing books, she is performing stand up or working on screen plays.  Follow her on Twitter HERE


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Jan 30, 2015

Jenna McSwain is a pro musician based in New Orleans.  She joins me on the podcast after her sold out performance at the Charleston International Jazz Festival.  When she is not occupied playing in New Orleans or touring the south, she is busy recording a new studio album with her side project, Bionica.  Bionica blends, jazz, modern music, sci fi, and heavier themes to produce a more forward leaning and conscious sound.  Find Jenna McSwain on Social Media!

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Matthew Martinez is an actor currently based in New Orleans.  He has most recently landed roles in Joe Dirt 2 among other major motion pictures.  He stays busy in the New Orleans creative community acting in shorts, independent films, and theatrical productions.  Search for him on Instagram here:



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Jan 21, 2015

Holy City Sinner is an annonymous blogger based in Charleston, SC.  He covers anything and everything in the 843, and his blog and twitter are two of the most popular online event sources for Charleston.  His blog was named best of by the City Paper 2 years in a row.  Follow him on Twitter at@HolyCitySinner

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Jan 20, 2015

Thomas Glenn is the founder of The Yoga House of Charleston.  He has worked as a business consultant with IBM for a decade and has brought his passion and business savvy together to help foster the yoga community in Charleston, SC.  He's also probably one of my top three favorite people to run into in Charleston, check out his facebook!


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Jan 19, 2015

Lily Slay @slay_thebeast is an underground musical icon in Charleston, SC.  Her flagrant disregard for normal has earned attention, fans, and respect wherever she goes.  She divides her time between various musical projects like Royal Tinfoil and doing stand up comedy on her own terms.  

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Jan 14, 2015

Jeremy McLellan @JeremyMcLellan  and Ryan Firster @rlfirster

are Charleston based Stand up comedians who will be performing this week at the Charleston Underwear Comedy Party put on by Joe Pettis.  Listen in as we talk shop, and by shop, I mean make fun of everything and each other.  

The Underwear Comedy Party is going down this Thursday at the Black Sheep Bar and Grill in Mt. Pleasant.  It's probably going to sell out, check out the festival page and buy your tickets!


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Jan 13, 2015

Neil Bansil is a Canadian comedian that has relocated to Charleston, SC.  He is the producer of the internationally known MRSOE (Most Races Show On Earth) which is coming to Charleston Saturday, January 17th at 10 p.m. at Wolfe Street Playhouse (read a fuller description below).  


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also, Neil sells houses in Charleston, google him!


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Jan 7, 2015

Cole Collins is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter based in Charleston, SC.  His music is ambitious, tasteful, and heavy hearted.  Listen along as we talk about his geez us oh my god gross skateboarding injury, his songs, and everything imbetween.  

On this episode, we hear his songs: 48:12 Studious People, 57:52 The Product, 1:08:02 Cinema

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Jan 6, 2015

Jenna Ave-Lallemant is a musician based in Charleston South Carolina.  Her musical project Faline showcases her charismatic and sensual voice paired together with ear catching lyrics.  That being said, we mostly drank whiskey and laughed for this entire podcast.  

She will be performing February 2 at Local 616 on February 2nd.  Watch for her new album coming out soon and check back later (not up yet)


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Jan 5, 2015

Kristi Leigh Snyder is an Atlanta based stand up comedian, actress, and musician.  She is currently on tour with Jerry Farber.  She has toured through out the U.S. and has produced her own one woman show.  Stay in touch with her:

or check her website out at


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Jan 2, 2015

Last year I started doing stand up comedy.  Its been an awesome experience so far.  This 5 minutes represents months and months of progress.  Hope you like it :)  Happy fucking new year too!!!!!


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Dec 31, 2014

The young, talented, and kind Abby Cohen and I met in the music scene in Charleston, SC.  We've done a host of shows and performances together, and I am so happy she could drop in to do this duet with me.  

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Dec 30, 2014

Lucia Garcia is a model, actress, and the creative force behind her musical muse project Electric Grandma.  Listen in as we hear some of the songs from her new album, and talk about everything from models with prothsetic limbs to teleportation in South Dakota.  

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Dec 29, 2014

Yeah, this was fun.  Don't take it too seriously, just experimenting :)  You've been warned.  But "soft skin, rockets underneath" is a pretty gat damn good lyric if I do say so myself )


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Dec 28, 2014

Heres a little new jam for you that I wrote yesterday.  It sounds like every song I've ever heard on The Walking Dead :) haha  Enjoy!  (yep, thats me playing lap steel and harmonica too :)


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Dec 27, 2014

2 versions of an old song Paper Flower.  I mentioned a different song that I would share too, but it was deleted!  :(  If you want to hear that, check out episode #24


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Dec 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to you all, here is a free song off my first album, its called Lover In The City.  I'm also switching my RSS feed host over, so if there are any problems, give me a couple days to get it straight :)

Dec 16, 2014

WARNING adult language, situations, jokes, etc...

I opened up for a pack of funny dudes at the Puppy Dog Comedy Show at Tin Roof tonight!  It was a great time!  I don't intend to post a lot of my stand up, but just wanted to share what I was up to creatively tonight.  

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Dec 15, 2014

Look it!  I wrote a little Christmas Song!

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Dec 13, 2014

Today was a strangely productive writing day, hear some new songs!

2:50 Purple Heart

6:18 Muscle Memory

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Dec 12, 2014

Singing my soul for all of you, love ya.

1:17 Stay Another Night

6:00 When The Swelling Goes Down

11:40 The Heat

19:40 Haunted House written with Esben Schack

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Dec 11, 2014

1:40 Til The Burnout Burns

6:45 Come On Down

improvising new songs

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Dec 9, 2014

Joseph Coker Work Tapes Podcast Episode #17

1:55 Double Wide Heart 7:30 Strange Love  12:10 Reverse Engineer  18:00 A Heart Breaks Slowly

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